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The Arizona Paranormal Research Society
Name: Jerome Palace-The Haunted Hamburger
Location: 410 n. Clark st.
Manager: Withheld
Case #: B-203
Date: August 6, 2007
Time of arrival: 9:00pm

Frank Madrid, Lori Marshall,

Jim Koch,
Bill Allen, Annie Preston.

Reason for investigation:
Preliminary Investigation.

Weather conditions: Clear and calm.
Outside Temperature: 71 degrees f.
Humidity: 28%
Wind: 0-3 mph
Geomagnetic storm activity: Quiet
Moon: Waning Crescent
Average EMF baseline readings: 1.2
EMF Spikes: to 4.7

General Impressions:

The Jerome Palace Haunted Hamburger is a nostalgic restaurant and bar on Clark street in
Jerome, AZ that offers delicious food, cold drinks and has the atmosphere of an era of long
ago. The employees there work hard in providing their patrons with hearty meals and service no
matter how busy it is, and believe me, it get darn busy in there. There is a patio outside with
tables and a scenic view, tables inside around the bar area and nice little dinning room upstairs.
The place gives you a sense of coziness as well as an eerie feeling, especially when you go up
the narrow stairway past the kitchen. For some reason when you are alone in the Haunted
Hamburger,  you don't quite feel alone.

Back in the early days of Jerome, The Haunted Hamburger was a boarding house for some of the
miners of The United Verde Mining Company. The four floor building was called the Wykoff
Apartments and was owned by an attorney from Prescott AZ. The building was turned into a
residence in the 1940's and had a family of three generations living there up until the 1970's.
After that, it was renovated into The Jerome Palace Haunted Hamburger. The lower floors are
still being used as private residences. It is unknown at this time if there had been any deaths in
the actual building, but research is continuing and will be posted as it comes in.
Their has been reports of a little girl wearing a dress being seen on occasion in the restaurant.
Two employees working late at night have reported seeing something or someone rush past both
of them when there was nobody but them in the building.
The upstairs cook, while reaching for something on a upper shelf, reported being pushed into
the shelf. He thought someone was pulling a prank on him and upon investigating the area,
determined that there was nobody present .
Four years ago during another remodeling stage, there was always something strange going on
in the restaurant. Carpenter's hammers were constantly disappearing during the night. They
frequently would find them in a pile in the attic. One carpenter experienced his tools
constantly missing when he went to get what he needed. This frustrated him to the point of
walking off the job after only one day. When the owner moved into one of the downstairs
apartments, he was awaken around 2 or 3am by the smell of smoke and thought there was a fire
in the building. Needless to say there wasn't any fire and he thinks it may have been a dream.
There have been reports of lights turning on and off and liquor bottles and glasses coming off
the racks. Most people often report seeing  female gender apparitions in The Haunted
Hamburger and you may as well upon visiting this renowned haunted restaurant.
The investigation

The T.Az.P.S. team met at The Haunted Hamburger approximately 9:30pm and met with the
restaurant's owner Brett. We all went inside and Brett gave us a tour as well as an interview.
After the interview, T.Az.P.S. production crew began the equipment setup and used the outside
patio as base camp for the camera monitors while other T.Az.P.S. members ran preliminary EMF
baselines and temperature readings. All baseline and temperature readings were within the
normal range. It was a beautiful night for the investigation.
When I first went out into the patio, I took two pictures, one right after the other.
The first pic didn't show anything out of the ordinary, but in the second pic, there was
something there that wasn't in the first pic.
Just to let everyone know, we do not have any programs such as "photo shop" or anything
similar. The only thing we do is adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo to bring out
what is already there.
The following is the photo previously mentioned......
Mouse over pic on left for facial feature location.
This could be the face of a man. It is unknown at this point but someone is definitely there.
The pic on right has some color added for comparison with the pic on left.
Photo taken by Frank Madrid
TAzPS investigator Bill Allen was in the lower dining area taking some pictures and snapped one
at the large window. He noticed a lightened area of the pic that looked out of place. After
zooming in and adjusting contrast and brightness, there seems to be what looks like a woman
just sitting there for the camera. There wasn't anyone in the lower dining room to reflect from
the glass window, nor was there anyone outside of the glass window.

Here is what he caught in his camera.....
This is the lower dining room. Note: From the flash reflection, there
is a small lightened area at the four o'clock position on the window.
TInset is the same picture after being zoomed and adjustments made
with contrast and brightness.
She almost looks as if she was posing for the pic.
My hats off to Bill Allen for a great capture of a woman or girl that wasn't seen there.
As the monitors were being watched on the patio, we had a team go upstairs to the upper dining
area for an EVP session. To get to this area, we had to pass the kitchen located at the top of
the stairway. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, there was an odor of a musky sweet smelling
perfume that made one of the women on the team very nauseous.
It was immediately noted that there was a strange uneasy feeling at the kitchen area that
everyone felt, so it was decided to venture forth and see what was there. Readings were
nominal except where there was appliances running. We each investigated the kitchen, which was
a normal looking restaurant kitchen, one by one so that we could compare notes and locate
areas of interest in there. For each of us, there seemed to be an area of the kitchen that felt
like another presence was in there. This area was located towards the front of the building
near a window. To me, while in the kitchen, it always felt as if someone was there hiding from me.
This next pic was taken of the area of interest in the kitchen previously mentioned,

except from the outside of the building......
This photo was taken by TAzPRS investigator Annie Preston. It is of the outside of The Haunted
Hamburger and shows the area in the upstairs kitchen window

where a presence was felt by all members.
Note: the middle window at the top floor behind the sign.
Mouse over pic
These zoomed pics need no explanation other than she looked very concerned about us being
there that night. It also appears as if there is a possible shadow person standing next to her.
I must commend Annie for a great photograph of an actual apparition.
Upon analyzing all audio for EVPs, it was determined that we didn't get any class 1 EVPs. We did
get some unexplained sounds that may or may not be of paranormal nature. The sounds we did
get were crossed referenced with video audio, which captured the same sounds.
We did get a chuckle when an investigator asked a funny question before recording.
As far as video footage is concerned, after going over approximately 40 hours of video footage,
it seems we didn't capture anything on video there as well.
That sort of thing happens frequently, but analysis must be seen through in order to determine
if something was recorded/captured on any type of media.

We thank the owners of "The Jerome Palace Haunted Hamburger" for permission to investigate
this historical landmark in beautiful downtown Jerome, Arizona.
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