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The Arizona Paranormal Research Society
Name: The Old Gila County Courthouse and Jail
Location: Globe, Az.
Case# B-214
Date: 10/25/08,
Weather conditions:
Outside Temperature:73
Humidity: 17%
Wind: 0-2 mph
Moon: Waning
Geo. storm activity: normal
EMF baseline: 1.2
Time of arrival: 7:00pm
Time of departure: 12:30am
Investigators: Frank Madrid, Gino Madrid, Randy Arbogast,
Angie Smith, Eric Wenzel and Ken Wenzel.
Reason for investigation: Validation of reported Paranormal Activity
at this Historical Landmark.
globe history
Gila County seat. Coming with Globe's new importance as the new county seat came a
stage coach link, linking it to Silver City - New Mexico.
Due to Globe's relative isolation from the rest of Arizona and it's proximity to the San Carlos
Apache reservation, globe remained a frontier town. The history of globe is laced with many
historic events such as murders, stagecoach robberies, outlaws, lynchings, and Apache raids.
Natiotish, a San Carlos Apache, left the reservation with a group of about 50 men and
continued to attack ranchers and miners.
Globe is also known for having links to Geronimo and the Apache Kid. On October 23, 1889, the
Apache Kid's trial was held in the Globe Courthouse. After he was convicted, it was the
responsibility of Sheriff Glenn Reynolds to transport him to the Arizona Territorial Prison in
Yuma, Arizona. Sheriff Reynolds, his deputy, and their prisoners set out in an armored
stagecoach holding the Apache Kid inside. Somewhere near present day Kearny, Arizona, Sheriff
reynolds let the Apache Kid out of the stagecoach seeing as they were on an uphill climb and
he wanted to ease the burden on the horses. The Apache Kid was able to overcome
and murder Sheriff Reynolds.
In 1884 the surviving Clanton brothers Ike and Phineas arrived in Apache County after the
infamous gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone. Ike was eventually killed by a local deputy
sheriff and Phineas, after serving prison time for a stage robbery, moved to Globe where he
died of pneumonia and was buried in 1906.
The Old Gila County
Courthouse and
Jail-(four-story courthouse
and adjacent three-story jail)
where many were hung, was
built from1905 to 1909.
Today it is the Cobre Valley
Center for the Arts.
The plans for an incorporated
Globe were established in
July 1876 with retail stores,
banks and Globe's first
newspaper, printing it's first
issue on May 2, 1878. By
February 1881, Globe was the
Yet another dramatic event
occurred in Globe about the
turn of the century. Zachary
Booth was hung behind the
old courthouse in 1905. The
circumstances behind the
hanging were quite bloody.
Booth was accused of
murdering two teen boys
because they were on his
range. Booth was hung on
Sept. 15, 1905 and was buried
in the Globe Cemetary.
The famous old scout Al Sieber, in his later years, managed to be involved in dramatic incidents.
On 31 January 1907, a woman named Laura Morris and her daughter, Arminta Ann (age 4 1/2)
were brutally murdered with a knife near Roosevelt Dam.
Arizona Ranger Jim Holmes was notified, and he called on Al Sieber to help. Two
Apaches who had been scouts with Sieber, a man named "Rabbit" and another named "Yesterday,"
were called on to assist. As it had recently rained a lot, the scouts were able to follow the
killer's footprints until they came to a pool of water near the river, where the killer had
washed his hands. They found the original murder weapon and knew that the knife belonged to
William Baldwin so he was quickly arrested. He was placed in the jail behind the newly-erected
courthouse, which had been built in the same location as the old one, (the "new" courthouse is
now called the "old courthouse") in Globe.
William Baldwin received his trial and was hung there on 12 July 1907.
history involving the courthouse
jail investigation
We arrived approximately at 7pm and met with the owner,
Kip culver, who gave us an indepth tour of the facility.
The first floor was dark and spooky as the Halloween
fixtures were up and ready for the holiday of the dead.
There was a Halloween side walk sale that was going on
outside which was dispersed at 8pm.
We set up the DVR monitor base camp on the second
floor. This was a central point and we were able to
cover the third floor as well as the second. We set up
all DVR cams, stationary audio, T.Az.P.S. energy emitting
devices in strategic areas of the second and third
floors and readied all hand held video cameras and
audio for the investigation. We had heard about the
inmate that was mysteriously shot in one of the cells.
He is the one who also claimed to see the spirits of the
two little girls who drowned in the river nearby.
The details of what had transpired remains
a mystery to date.
There is a
landing/bridge that
connects the jail to
the courthouse where
some people have
reported seeing an
apparition on. We set
up a hand held camera
on a tripod there to
see if we were lucky
enough to capture it
on camera. Walking
from the cold, dark
and isolated jail over
the landing to the
courtroom side was
like night and day.
The courtroom side
was a beautiful
Victorian style
architecture and
since Arizona is the
copper state, all of
the hand railings
were copper plated
which added to the
charm of this very
historic building.
jail video evidence
The Old Gila County Jail
Mouse over to see the
movement. This only lasted
for two frames.
With all of the DVR IR cameras placed in this area of the jail, this video was captured on
hand held camera for a total of two frames. Please be patient as the video loads.
video of when the "unexplained loud noise" was heard
in the Gila Courthouse Theater
jail audio evidence
"go back"
"this is not final"
"don't stop"
"come here.......come here"
Courthouse theater noise
"it's begun"
"get lost"
The EMF spikes in the jail were off the charts, especially
across the outside walkway. I did feel an unexplained gust of cold wind blast up to me in the
men's cell block. Gino, Eric and I felt cold spotsin there as well.
Angie's interaction in the courthouse theater was awesome.
The sound heard in the theater sounded as if a chair had been slammed into the wall. Although
it felt creepy, it was a great experience for us all.
The apparition that Gino captured was awesome. After reviewing all of the DVR video, we did not
capture what Gino did even though we had a IR camera positioned looking right down the same
cell hallway. I did manage to record some EVP on stationary as well as camera audio. It was
strange that the metal bars and doorways were emitting high EMF, almost as if they were
energized. I would say that the metal either had some kind of electrical current running
through them or the metal had been charged by our energy emitting devices. What was odd was
the way that the EMF meter would pick up a reading on the front side of a bar and not the back
side as well as the top of the cross bar and not the bottom of it. Maybe it was lead based paint
that the bars were painted with causing this phenomena. ......randyman
investigator's report
Chronological listing of events witnessed by investigator:
Tank #2
8:45        All three investigators heard some sort of odd noise.
This was picked up on my digital recorder.
9:05        Heard another strange noise. Again picked up on my audio recorder.
9:20        Noted a sudden temperature drop. Ambient temp was 65/70. Then, suddenly dropped to
58/59. It should also be noted that there was a (+/-) 10-degree discrepancy between my digital
thermometer and Gino’s. The temperature on mine would increase, his would decrease. Then,
mine would decrease and his would increase.
We were standing less than five feet from each other when this occurred.
9:25        Hot spot noted. Was reading 63. Spiked to 80 for about five/six seconds,
then went back down to mid-60’s
9:30        All three heard what sounded like a breath inside the cell.
This was not captured on my audio nor did the sound repeat.

Court Room Area
9:55        I noticed that the ambient light coming from underneath the door (which was shut) to
the courtroom went from light to dark, light to dark and back to light, as if someone had taken
two or three steps in the adjacent area. There were no sounds heard prior to,
or after the event. Neither Randy nor Gino witnessed this.

Women’s Area
10:28        Randy, Gino, and myself heard what sounded like footsteps.
My audio did not pick this up.
10:30        All TazPS investigators went on break. I left my digital recorder running during our
absence. On the audio, you can plainly hear the team going down the stairs and the fading of
conversations. While we were outside, there were three strange noises recorded. All three
sounded like someone banging on metal. About three minutes after the last incident, you can
hear the team coming back up the steps. When these sounds occurred,
there was absolutely NO ONE in the building.

Trustee Area
The entire time Gino and I were in this section, we were detecting EMF anomalies from start to
finish. In the middle of the holding area, EMF would spike only if the meter were held with the
back of the meter facing the sides of the building. If the EMF meter were turned away from the
sides or towards the building front or end, it would go back down to zero.
There is no wiring or electricity on that floor. The EMF readings should have been at zero
the whole time. Gino filmed the EMF readings.

Tank 2 (Second Time)
11:40        All three of us heard another strange noise. We did not locate the source.
This was captured on digital and you can hear the reaction.

Final Record
This was my second time in this place. From the events that transpired on this visit, combined
with my experiences on the last trip, I have no problems saying this place is haunted.

Almost a year ago, I personally witnessed an apparition walk right by me while I was in the middle
cell of the women’s area. A year later and with a new team, it appears Gino caught some type of
apparition on film in the same area. What makes this even more phenomenal, is the fact that
whatever is on that footage appears almost immediately after I asked it to.

The Old Gila County Jail is a paranormal jackpot that has paid off huge dividends each time
I have been there. It would certainly be worth making a return trip.
T.Az.P.R.S. Investigator: Eric Wenzel  
investigator's report
When we first started our investigation, Frank and I had walked over to the auditorium.  I was
just getting ready to turn on all of my equipment when I heard a loud sigh. Frank and I
continued walking through the auditorium and at about 9:15 Frank noted that he had heard a
mans voice. After reviewing my evidence, I did record a man saying “Don’t Stop” at the exact
moment he stated he had heard the voice.  At about 10:14 Frank, Ken and I were walking up the
stairs and I felt something touch me on the back. It felt like someone had put thier hand on me. I
asked Ken, who was behind me, If he had touched me and he said he did not.
While Ken, Frank and myself were in the men’s jail house,
I also took a picture of what looks to be some type of mist.
We tried to recreate it but were not able to.
At the end of the evening, Ken and I had again returned to the auditorium. We were getting a lot
of spikes on the emf recorder so we decided to sit down and try and communicate. I began asking
questions and immediately got responses. To get my responses, I would ask it to make the meter
beep when I wanted a specific answer. For example, if I asked it to beep a certain way if it was
male etc. I called the rest of the group down to document what we were experiencing. Randy
began asking it to specifically beep once or twice depending on the question. We did get some
responses to our questions which he also documented on video.
In conclusion, I experienced enough paranormal activity via photo, EVP and personal
experiences to say, with confidence, that
I believe the Gila County Jail to be haunted.
Angie Smith
T.Az.P.R.S. Investigator
investigator's report
Might be the creepiest place I've ever been in.  The echo in the building corrupted all of my TLD
recording, but I did go through it all.  My stationary audio mic shorted out after Randy, Eric,
and I entered the far cell block, but no evps up to that point.  You've all seen what I caught on
video.  Nothing spectacular to report, but I would like to commend Eric for the manner in which
he conducted the EVP session in the far cell block.  It was done in a very professional manner
and since he had a previous experience in that same building he politely asked Randy and I if we
would mind letting him do the talking. Eric, you didn't let us down and showed what you're
capable of.  Good Job!  Of course after that you ran to the Phantom noise emanating from my
derriere, but I think that was part of what made the whole trip worth it!

Great job Angie and Ken.  Angie is always solid and Ken was a great help in setting up etc, and
was an integral part of the EMF session in the courthouse.  Randy and Frank, great as
always.....T.Az.P.R.S. Administrator Gino Madrid  
investigator's report
(strictly for humor's sake)
digital still picture
An attempt was made to recreate this picture to no avail.
It shows a possible mist manifesting on the left side of one of the cell blocks.
Photo by Angie Smith
Unfortunately there wasn't any other pictures that would be considered paranormal
Above, investigator
Angie Smith crosses the
landing to enter the
court house.
Above, the escalating  
chair among the copper
railings in the court
Copper railing.
courthouse pictures
interior front door.
stairway corner.
courthouse theater pictures
Interaction takes place on the steps of the Courthouse theater steps  between
T.Az.P.R.S. investigators Angie Smith, Ken Wenzel,
Randy Arbogast and an unseen guest via cell sensor EMF equipment.
This pic was taken just before the "unexplained loud noise" happened.
What was experienced here was incredible. There were unexplained sounds of voices male and
female, noises in the jail cells when we were outside on break, interactions with spirits via our
equipment, Physical touching, audible disembodied voices, responses to questions asked,
temperature dropping when asked to do so (we witnessed a 20+ degree drop in temperature in
one of the cell blocks),unexplained footsteps, cold spots, hot spots and extremely wild EMF
occurrences which is strange considering that the some of the areas did not have electricity.
We did have some areas that pegged our EMF meters without any
reason only to watch the readings dissipate.
The EMF readings of the bars in certain areas of the cells had a very odd reading signature. The
EMF meter would pick up a reading on the front side of a bar and not the back side as well as
the top of the cross bar and not the bottom of it. Readings were taken in all different
combinations and results were the same.
One of the highlights of the evening was when investigator Angie Smith had established contact
through her cell sensor on the courtroom theater stage steps. This went on for a good while
when all of a sudden we all heard what sounded like a loud metallic crash coming from a far
wall inside the room. We could not find anything there
that would have made that noise.
The camera located on the landing between buildings showed nothing but a brief darkening of
the light being emitted from under the closed door when that room was unoccupied.
Another major highlight was when investigator Gino captured an apparition on his hand held
camera. The strange thing was that there was a DVR IR camera pointed down the same hallway
and it shows nothing. This may be a common occurrence, just as in multiple audio recorders
being in a room and only one of them recording an EVP.
At the end of the night, we packed up all of the equipment and bid our appreciation and
farewells to Kip, who hung out for the duration of the investigation.
From all of the evidence we obtained from this investigation, we believe that The Old Gila
County Jail as well as The Old Gila Courthouse indeed has paranormal activity.
They both are a wonder to visit and it is recommended that the public should make their
way to Globe Arizona to see and experience these historical sites for themselves.
We would like to personally thank Kip Culver for the opportunity to investigate these
historical landmarks in Globe Arizona.

He is a great guy and his hospitality is greatly appreciated.

There is more to the story though. There was a particular jailer there that we would like to
research and from what Kip was telling us, he was quite the character. We made contact with the
deceased jailer's granddaughter and will have More on this at a later date.
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